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 When and why did we start the business?

Why upto20words?



After some exchanges on Twitter one evening, the editor of Suffolk Resident magazine was very complimentary about our poster, especially our plans for a celebratory Suffolk Day poster.

Georgia was keen to mention us and our poster plans within her feature on the first ever Suffolk Day in the June edition of the magazine.


This led to Georgia asking if we would like to be featured in the September issue of Suffolk Resident magazine, which we were thrilled about.

With a Q&A style feature, it gave us the opportunity to explain our business and services to a wider audience. How we started our business, why call yourselves upto20words, where you can find our stockists, as well as how we go about designing our shop posters and personalised ones.

All of our posters are based around places and hobbies,  initially ones that we love, and then we have expanded our range from there to currently having about 30 designs.

Our personalised posters are particularly popular and we always receive great feedback, and really feel like we know the recipient after designing the poster.


We are currently working on a new range of black and white posters which you can colour in yourself……it’s UPTO YOU what colours you choose and how you add colour..

Watch this space as we will be trialling a couple of our designs very soon.


All NEW customers

will receive 20% off their next purchase with a discount code,
redeemable against our ‘Shop’ posters as well as Personalised posters
and gift vouchers.

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